Musicky Things/Music Portfolio Thing

by Talia Olson

I took a serious interest in making music when I was around 14 or 15 years old.  I played cello in middle school, which gave me exposure to notation and the experience of actually physically playing music, but due to my performance anxiety and how it squeezed the time I could spend on art and my normal schoolwork, I ended up quitting after 7th grade, but I've always been a huge music junkie and I don't ever expect that to fade away.  I found I really loved the experience of putting notes together, so I kept doing that in my head, even though I didn't play any instruments.  My dad got me Mixcraft 6, a production/composition software a couple years ago, and I've been expressing myself, making scores for animations or stories in my head, and having plain fun with it ever since.  I experiment with the feel, texture, rhythm, emotion, and even the storytelling aspect of sound.