Illustrations for a Children's Book:  "They Call Me Strange"

These are a series of illustrations I did around the year 2014 for a children's book written by a young woman here in Georgia.  It took several weeks to complete and showed me the effort and organization it takes to do an entire project.  I kept up a fast schedule of about 1-2 illustrations per week.  The book is out now as an officially published work, and it's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you're interested in seeing how the illustrations work in the story or if you'd like to support the super-cool independent author who wrote it.  CLICK HERE.   It's only ten bucks!

Also, if you would like to read more about Alexa Andres (the author), her story, and news of future publications from her, go to her TUMBLR, strangebooks.  To read about my experiences in illustrating it, go right HERE and look at this bloggy posty thing on my blog of floof.